Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Prompt 2: "The Yellow Boat" and Casting

Last week we read Bloom's chapter on casting a performance piece, as a lead-in of sorts to reading David Saar's "The Yellow Boat". Now that you've completed both readings, write about how you would approach casting "The Yellow Boat" yourself. What would you be looking for? What are important attributes of actors for a specific part? Who would you match for joint-auditions to test relationship dynamics? Can you foresee any difficulties with casting a specific part? Support your response with examples from the text.

Please respond by class time, Thursday (Oct. 20th)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Assignments and PDF's

I have created an [Adobe] Acrobat account that will house any and all pdf's that will be assigned in class. While I will make sure to send each to you via email, this will be a place that can archive our backlog of readings.

Our page can be found here:

Password: directing

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crew Requirements

The link above should take you to a PDF of the Mandatory Crew Requirement. If you have any questions of how to fulfill hours, please talk to Kathi.

EDIT: I have gotten rid of the PDF link and replaced it with this image. If you click on it, the page should become larger for printing/viewing.

Life Work Paper - Contemporary American Directors Assignments

Jason - Joanna Akalaitis
Zachary - David Esbjornson
Benjamin S - Richard Foreman
Kim - Richard Foreman
Alek - Elia Kazan
Sophie - Emily Mann
Phi Anh - Rob Marshall
Benjamin G - Marion McClinton
Sam - Mike Nichols
Rachel - Jerome Robbins
Becca - Julie Taymor
Sierra - Stuart Vaughan
Margaret - Joanna Akalaitis