Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blog Prompt 1: Peter's Visit/"Raised in Captivity"

Last class, our visiting guest, Peter Kallok, talked a lot about the working relationship built between a designer and a director. He mentioned several times that what is brought to the table for that first meeting is imperative to the entire process. Djola also added that it is important for the director to have some design ideas (or, at least "visions") so that both designer and director can get on the same page.

For your response, use Nicky Silver's "Raised in Captivity" to brainstorm ideas you would have for your first design meeting if you were to stage this work. Think about identifying motifs, words, textures and colors that either stand out in the play or that the reading provokes within your imagination, and how they could be translated to the stage. 

Example:  Djola mentioned a line in "BFE" in which a character says that the way you see things depends on where you're looking from - this line about perspective informed the choice of have audience seating on 3 sides.